Ibn Umar reported: The Prophet pbuh said, “The most beloved people to Allah are those who are most beneficial to the people.” (al-Muʻjam al-Awsat by al-Tabarani 6192). He also narrated that the Prophet pbuh said, “There is a tree among the trees which is similar to a Muslim (in goodness) and that is the date palm tree.” (Muslim 6747)

The scholars explained that the Muslim was likened to the date palm tree due to the abundance of its goodness, including but not limited to the continuity of its shade, the goodness of its fruit, its presence and the beauty of its growth throughout the year. It is amazing that from the time the date fruit emerges, it can continue to be eaten until it dries, and after it dries a lot of benefits are gained from it. Likewise from its leaves, wood, branches and even the date stone; they are used for firewood, rods, mats, ropes and fodder among other things.

Just as the believers are to be all good, from the abundance of their obedience to the nobility of their manners. They constantly pray, fast, recite the Quran, give in charity, join the ties of kinship, help the needy and oppressed as well as perform other acts of worship that not only benefit themselves and bring them closer to their Creator but also benefit those around them (adapted from an-Nawawi’s commentary of the hadith).

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