Far but not forgotten

O Allah, help our brothers and sisters all over the globe. O Allah, have mercy on those who have passed. Heal the sick. Help the needy. Feed the hungry. Clothe the destitute. Lift up the oppressed. Make firm their feet. Strengthen their resolve. Increase them in faith.

Help them. O Allah help them. O Allah, they have no helper other than You. And You are the Best Protector and the Best Supporter. O Allah, You are more Merciful to them than us. So have mercy on them. And forgive us. Accept from us. And join us with them, and those who You love, in Your Gardens of Peace.


How can we talk about our parents, without mentioning their love for us. Their love for us that cannot be weighed. Their kindness towards us that cannot be repaid. Their prayers for us in the night and in the day. Their sacrifices for us, the ones we know of and the ones of which we are so blissfully unaware. This blessing of having parents, only few things can compare. So thank them, honour them, shower them with love. Grant them your best companionship. Pray for them.

May Allah lighten their loads, ease their worries, forgive their mistakes, overlook their faults, magnify their rewards, increase them in goodness, and grant them the highest level of Jannah. May Allah help us to be good to them, to do good by them, to be grateful to them, and always loving to them. Ameen.