The one who is wise, rich, near and dear to Allah

Abu Khaithama narrated to us, saying: Jareer reported to us from Qaaboos on the authority of Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him): When speaking to his Lord, prophet Musaa (upon him be peace) said, ‘My Lord, which of Your slaves is the most beloved to You?’ He said, ‘The ones who remember Me the most.’ He then asked, ‘Which of Your slaves is the wisest?’ He replied, ‘The one who judges himself in the same way he judges others.’ He then said, ‘My Lord, which of Your slaves is the richest?’ He said, ‘The one who is pleased with what I have given him.'” – Kitab al-‘Ilm by al-Hāfidh Abū Khaithama (may Allah have mercy on him)


Sometimes I catch myself wishing that I was a child again. Wide-eyed, young, unburdened by my mistakes and without sin. But if I hadn’t grown, I would never have known my Lord. My Kind, Loving, Generous Lord. His Love. His Forgiveness. His Mercy – its vastness, its depth. And for this, I am so grateful.

My Merciful Lord. So many times I’ve stumbled, grumbled, and forgotten His favours. Sinning with the very blessings He has given me. Yet He is always with me, guiding me, showering me with His Blessings, embracing me in His Grace. And for all of this, I am so grateful.

I want to do better, be better.

Al-Wadud – The Most Loving

His love manifests
in every breath that you take
every step that you make
that God has instructed
every cell in your body
to do what it needs to do
and every molecule
to be where it needs to be
to make it easy for you.
All you have to do
breathe in…
and breathe out.
Our Lord, He is the Most Loving.
And the One most deserving of our love.

An-Nahl 16:18

If you were to count one blessing of Allah, you would never be able to enumerate it. Singular, Allah uses the singular form. Because if we were to extract and count the number of blessings that come forth from that one favour from Allah, we would never be able to do so. All praise and thanks be to Allah.

O Allah I thank You for all that You have given me, and all that You’ve taken away. I thank You for the harm and pain that You have avoided me from, and avoided from me.

O Allah I thank You for the blessings that I cannot count, those that are apparent to me and those that are hidden. I thank You for the blessings I presently enjoy and the ones that You have in store for me.

O Allah I thank You for the good that You have helped me to perform, and the good that You have facilitated for me. I thank You for without Your guidance and refuge, I am lost and defenceless.

O Allah I thank You for You are appreciative, and Your reward is just and bountiful. I thank You for this breath that I still have to repent, to say thanks, to seek Your forgiveness, for You are Most Forgiving, the Most Kind.