Not a leaf falls but He knows it

Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware, All-Wise. He knows what is apparent and what is hidden. He knows what is in your heart. He knows your pain, and your anxieties. He knows your burdens, and your fears. He sees you. And He hears and answers you. So put your trust in Allah. Trust in His Knowledge, Wisdom, Power and Care. For nothing is lost, that which is in His care.

Al-‘Imraan 3:30

If Allah did not love us, He would have left us with the consequences of our actions.

If Allah did not love us, He would not have made His warnings clear and the description of His punishment so vivid and terrifying.

But His warnings never overpower the message and reminders of His Mercy. His Nearness. His Love.

If Allah did not love us, He would not have guided us. He would not have called us to His Forgiveness. To the tranquility that comes with His Remembrance. And the pleasures, delights, blessings that He has prepared for us in this life and in Paradise.

and Allah warns you to be cautious of His punishment; and Allah is full of Kindness to His slaves

The one who is wise, rich, near and dear to Allah

Abu Khaithama narrated to us, saying: Jareer reported to us from Qaaboos on the authority of Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him): When speaking to his Lord, prophet Musaa (upon him be peace) said, ‘My Lord, which of Your slaves is the most beloved to You?’ He said, ‘The ones who remember Me the most.’ He then asked, ‘Which of Your slaves is the wisest?’ He replied, ‘The one who judges himself in the same way he judges others.’ He then said, ‘My Lord, which of Your slaves is the richest?’ He said, ‘The one who is pleased with what I have given him.'” – Kitab al-‘Ilm by al-Hāfidh Abū Khaithama (may Allah have mercy on him)

Far but not forgotten

O Allah, help our brothers and sisters all over the globe. O Allah, have mercy on those who have passed. Heal the sick. Help the needy. Feed the hungry. Clothe the destitute. Lift up the oppressed. Make firm their feet. Strengthen their resolve. Increase them in faith.

Help them. O Allah help them. O Allah, they have no helper other than You. And You are the Best Protector and the Best Supporter. O Allah, You are more Merciful to them than us. So have mercy on them. And forgive us. Accept from us. And join us with them, and those who You love, in Your Gardens of Peace.


Sometimes I catch myself wishing that I was a child again. Wide-eyed, young, unburdened by my mistakes and without sin. But if I hadn’t grown, I would never have known my Lord. My Kind, Loving, Generous Lord. His Love. His Forgiveness. His Mercy – its vastness, its depth. And for this, I am so grateful.

My Merciful Lord. So many times I’ve stumbled, grumbled, and forgotten His favours. Sinning with the very blessings He has given me. Yet He is always with me, guiding me, showering me with His Blessings, embracing me in His Grace. And for all of this, I am so grateful.

I want to do better, be better.

Al-Hijr 15:49

The Forgiver
The Oft-Forgiving
The Most Forgiving
The Repeatedly Forgiving
The One Who loves to forgive
The One Who covers our flaws
The One Who erases our mistakes
as though they were never there
The One Who replaces our bad deeds
with good deeds when we repent
The One Who continuously accepts repentance
The One Who is Most Merciful to His servants
The One Whose Mercy exceeds everything.

“Tell My servants that I am indeed Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.”

Al-Ghafoor Al-Wadood

Anas ibn Malik reported: The Messenger of Allah ﷺ (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Allah Almighty said: O son of Adam, if you call upon Me and place your hope in Me, I will forgive you without hesitation. O son of Adam, if you have sins piling up to the clouds and then ask for My forgiveness, I will forgive you without hesitation. O son of Adam, if you come to Me with enough sins to fill the earth and then you meet Me without associating anything with Me (in worship), I will come to you with enough forgiveness to fill the earth.” (Sunan al-Tirmidhī 3540)


How can we talk about our parents, without mentioning their love for us. Their love for us that cannot be weighed. Their kindness towards us that cannot be repaid. Their prayers for us in the night and in the day. Their sacrifices for us, the ones we know of and the ones of which we are so blissfully unaware. This blessing of having parents, only few things can compare. So thank them, honour them, shower them with love. Grant them your best companionship. Pray for them.

May Allah lighten their loads, ease their worries, forgive their mistakes, overlook their faults, magnify their rewards, increase them in goodness, and grant them the highest level of Jannah. May Allah help us to be good to them, to do good by them, to be grateful to them, and always loving to them. Ameen.


Al-Wadud – The Most Loving

His love manifests
in every breath that you take
every step that you make
that God has instructed
every cell in your body
to do what it needs to do
and every molecule
to be where it needs to be
to make it easy for you.
All you have to do
breathe in…
and breathe out.
Our Lord, He is the Most Loving.
And the One most deserving of our love.


May Allah forgive your mistakes, overlook your faults and your shortcomings, and have mercy on your soul. May Allah aid you in doing good, and magnify your rewards. May Allah increase you in goodness, in this life and the next. And for your parents, and for your loved ones. May Allah calm your worries, ease your weariness, lighten your load, lift the burdens off your shoulders, fill your hands with so much blessings, fill your heart with so much faith, that you do not mind His tests. For He tests you because He loves you.

And may Allah love you. May Allah grant you ears that are keen to His reminders, eyes that are attentive to His signs, limbs dedicated to His worship, a heart that is devoted to His remembrance. A heart full of awe of His Might. Humbled by His kindness. Grateful for His favours. Trusting of His Decree. A heart filled with fear, fear of disappointing Allah, fear of displeasing Him, and fear of His consequences. A heart filled with hope, hope for the boundless mercy of Allah, His pleasure and His reward. A heart filled with love. Love for Allah, and love for who He loves. For you will be with the ones you love. So may the Most Loving love you. May His beloved love you. May you be granted Allah’s love, the love of those who He loves and those who love Him, and love for actions that will bring you closer to His love.