Preach justice

prescribe cure

prevent harm

be a precursor for reform.

preoccupy your mind with beneficial knowledge,

your heart with remembrance

precede your actions with good intentions

preserve your faith

be predisposed to kindness.

prefer the next life over this one

and prepare for it,

so that you may present

only your best deeds to your Maker.

Al-Wadud – The Most Loving

His love manifests
in every breath that you take
every step that you make
that God has instructed
every cell in your body
to do what it needs to do
and every molecule
to be where it needs to be
to make it easy for you.
All you have to do
breathe in…
and breathe out.
Our Lord, He is the Most Loving.
And the One most deserving of our love.


And lying on your sides.
In public.
And in secret.
Out of shyness.
Out of guilt.
Out of gratitude.
Out of relief.
Out of grief.
Out of fear.
Out of hope.
And out of love.

“Your Lord knows best what is in your hearts. If you are good, then verily, He is ever most Forgiving to those oft-returning to Him.” – Surat al-Israa’ 17:25


Abdullaah ibn Mas’ood stated that the Prophet (ﷺ) said: “Indeed, Islaam began as something strange, and it will return to being strange just as it began, so glad tidings of paradise be for the strangers.” It was said to the Prophet (ﷺ): “Who are they?” He (ﷺ) responded, “They are those who rectify when the people become corrupted.” (Muslim, at-Tirmidhee, Ahmad; authenticated by Al-Albaanee)

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To err is human; to forgive is Divine

Ask and He will give.
Ask Him to forgive.
For we need to be forgiven.
For all the chances we were given.
For all the time we threw away.
For all the sins that we’ve committed.
And the instances we went astray.
Ask and He will forgive.
For He is the Most Forgiving,
Oft-Forgiving, Repeatedly Forgiving.
He is the One who pardons.
Who overlooks our shortcomings, our mistakes.
Who would choose punishment,
over a Most Merciful Lord?
So repent.
Turn back to Him.
Ask Him to forgive.
Make a promise.
Follow a bad deed with a good deed,
and it will wipe it out.
As though the sin was never there.
And what remains
is only good.
Repent again.


In chapter ninety three
the chapter of the morning hours
my Lord swears by the morning light
that shines bright
and by the night
when it covers that light
He says, your Lord has neither left you
nor does He hate you
and surely the next life is better for you
far more precious
than this life that you hold dear
for your Lord has promised
that what is to come
is better than what has gone by
and that your Lord shall give you
until you are well-satisfied
and then more.
Did He not find you alone and give you shelter?
and He found you lost, and is your Guider?
and He found you needy and made you content?
so the orphan do not oppress
and the beggar do not drive him away
and the boundless favours of your Lord,
be grateful for.

Purpose & Companionship Pt. II

So take my hand, walk with me
Upon the Straight Path tread with me

Cover me, counsel me
And when I err, forgive me

Hasten with me, compete with me
Towards good deeds race with me

Let our feet bear witness of our journey
A journey that leads to a Beautiful Destination

So march forth with determination
And don’t you rest,
till you reach the place of Eternal Rest.